Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination consists of project-based challenges designed to build confidence and develop creativity, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills ( 

Kindness Crew

The Kindness Crew meets each month, typically on a Thursday, in order to discuss how to spread kindness throughout our school and community.  The crew is made up of 2 representatives from each homeroom class who were selected by their teacher!  We look forward to seeing various acts of kindness spread throughout our school this year!

Safety Patrol

We have two groups of Safety Patrol members who rotate on and off each month.  They are on duty each day in various locations around the building in order to help our students and staff.  Mt. Peak has over 50 students who are volunteering their time in the mornings to serve as Safety Patrol!

Math Pentathlon

Math Pentathlon is a math program that meets each week to teach kids math strategies through games.  There are 5 games for each of the three Divisions that the students learn on campus.  Then, they participate in a statewide tournament in the spring against other districts.  The focus is on sportsmanship as well as the strategies of the game. The children have fun playing the games but they also learn the correct way to handle disagreements, even with authority figures.